About NorAm Drilling Company

– Investment, leasing and operation of onshore rigs

NorAm Drilling Company AS was established on February 19, 2007.

NorAm Drilling Company AS (former Global Rig) is a Norwegian private limited liability company that owns and finances companies leasing and operating onshore oil and gas well drilling rigs. The company is the parent company of the NorAm Drilling Company.

The general meeting June 16 2016 adopted the resolution to change the name from Global Rig Company AS to NorAm Drilling Company AS, to underpin NorAm Drilling as the leading name for the group.

The Group currently has eleven “super spec” land rigs, six Ideal 1800 rigs (2011-2014), three SuperTech 1500 rigs (2010) and two IDE Sparta 1500 rigs (2012). All 11 rigs are equipped with walking systems with racking capacity of 20,000 – 25,000′.

The rigs are owned and operated by NorAm Drilling Company, Houston, Texas, a company 100 % owned by NorAm Drilling Company AS.