Our Mission

Since the inception of NorAm Drilling Company in 2007, health, safety and environment (HS&E) has been a top priority and focus. NorAm Drilling believes that integrating health, safety and environmental awareness as a core structure in our company’s DNA will help aid a strong safety culture to benefit the wellbeing of every team member, our customers and third parties.

Safety Culture

“Safety Culture” as a phrase is commonly used, but not often completely understood. NorAm Drilling understands the core values that make up an effective safety culture and we take that knowledge and use it to the best of our abilities to have a positive effect on our team members. NorAm Drilling’s Operations and HS&E Departments understand the importance of a proactive safety culture that extends past simple checklists of compliance. We believe that along with procedural checklist we must empower our employees to stop any task that is not fully understood, ask questions, and form a strong understanding of situational awareness to lower the risk of workplace hazards. We show our team members that we value their concerns and input, because we value their safety.

HS&E Department

Since 2011 NorAm Drilling has significantly reduced our incident rate and experienced modification rating every year through our employee’s teamwork and commitment to health, safety and the environment. To help make team members health and safety a high priority the safety department encourages accident prevention through several programs and procedures. Our qualified safety trainers conduct in-house training that not only covers and exceeds government requirements, but also covers our expectations of what NorAm requires for them to be an effective team member to help aid our safety culture.